06 October 2015

A new beauty reality

Welcome to the first of many Flourish Organics beauty blogs. My intention is to fill this blog with lots of beauty and pampering tips and rituals and also to remind you on a regular basis that you are already beautiful ,your only mission is to love and care for that amazing body of yours and to maintain , protect and preserve your natural beauty.

I have included photos of the 3 generations of beauty in my family ranging from twelve years to seventy years, I think you’ll agree each one is beautiful and exquisitely graceful at being themselves, their natural beauty .


I have worked in the Beauty Industry for 12 years now and often feel conflicted in being associated  with an industry that rely so strongly on lies and misleading marketing. That use the media to create standards of beauty that with the help of photoshop are false and unattainable. This marketing has led to an epidemic of low self esteem and in young girls and women feeling inadequate and well - ‘ugly’.


It saddens me to see these beautiful girls starve themselves and develop eating disorders or spend all kinds of money on products to hide the gorgeous imperfections that make them unique and well - ‘them’


Often these products are filled with petrol chemicals, synthetic fragrances and preservatives which are now proven to be harmful and often carcinogenic. So I see the beauty industry perpetuating an unkindness that goes something like - ‘ I’m not good enough, I’m ugly and I hate my body so let me fill it with cancer causing chemicals in the name of beauty.’

Now the beauty Industry is huge and I’m under no illusion that I can change it, but there’s a quote that goes


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” 

― R. Buckminster Fuller


So instead of fighting the existing reality around Beauty, what if we could go beyond this reality and create something greater ? What if we created a new model for beauty that encouraged self love and kindness and was based on integrity and truth ?

So in the name of truth let me say, there is no product that will ever exist that can promise eternal youth. Quite frankly why would we want that ? I personally find it hard to watch beautiful actresses attempt to fight the natural ageing process with botox and plastic surgery, where their once beautiful features are puffed up, pinched in and completely distorted.

What I offer you here at Flourish Organics is the truth and transparency in the form of a list of ingredients you can understand and our Organic Certification means that you are assured only the highest quality ingredients that are grown without chemicals and free from all the nasties that are now proven to cause great harm to the body.


And I offer you kindness and nurturing in the form of products that were designed to enhance and protect your natural beauty and essential oils that not only support and nurture the skin but instil feelings of self esteem. And my wish for you is that you begin to see yourself as I see you - free from comparison and judgement because trust me it is a beauty to behold.

I would love to hear from you. Do you believe it’s possible to create a new and kinder reality around beauty ?  And what would you like to see featured in this blog that would contribute to that new reality ? I am totally open to requests so please leave me a comment below .

Flourish Organics

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